AC for old Rusty Car with LPG Fuel System

Air Condition For My Old Model Car

I have been told you at my first warm hello post , I will also publish my ideas and engineering stuffs.  This story and the idea came to my mind with low income times. It was difficult times for me and for my family, now on that’s all history for us but, hard times needs specific solution with low costs.

My idea has been started with a old rusty car. I had to buy a an old car because it was the only one, I can afford.  I bought a Ford Escort 1990 Model MK3 Chases. It was my childhood dream car at high school times.

Yes it was old but it has been a real good condition for me 🙂

I bought it in February 2017, my kids are not very happy about it but (because of the view and old design.) that’s what I can do for now.

At winter everything’s  were fine, my car heater was working very good. We were enjoying the car advantages . Going to weekend vacations to near snowy places, family picnics etc… They have started to loving it.

Day by day summer was about the come and we have to keep it open our car windows, because it is getting hot, Hard times were coming up.

I need to find a way the keep cool inside of the car, but how ?

My car was using the liquid petroleum gas as fuel. Because LPG is much cheaper than gasoline in Turkey. Yes it comes with some of disadvantages to car but we have to deal with it. One liter gasoline price equal to almost tree liter of LPG.  In Turkey almost every gasoline fuel cars ( don’t have to be an old) uses this systems. As an example you can check this site .

Small Engineering Information;

LPG is storing with liquid form in a big tank at back site (trunk) of the car. But when you want to burn it in the engine you need to convert it to the gas form . For this purpose every LPG Systems has LPG regulators for it. Regulators have tree rooms inside. Two room for engine hot water , one room for LPG for change. If you have small physic knowledge, When the gasses are storing in liquid form , while the vaporizing operation it absorbs heat energy around it, That means LPG regulators without engine cooling water heat , can freeze to minus forty degrees (- 40 C ) because of the GAS vaporizing heat absorb.

If I can transfer that cold to inside of the car, it will solve all of my problems. But how ?

It was simple , I need to switch inside heat exchanger  water pipes to LPG Regulator, after it I need to make a water circulation between them with a small water pump.

My Tests ;

Heat exchanger will fill with cold water , It will absorb heat from car inside . It will get cold inside of the car.  The idea was simple. Now I need to try.

It was really hard to seal the water inside of the cooling system. Finding suitable parts, isolating the cold water from engine heat was my challenges.

after with many tries, tests. As I can say it seems working.

Test Results ;

At my test outside of the temperature was almost 34 C’ after LPG AC inside of the car was 25 C’. I don’t have a video or photos to prove it but all I can say, we went to a summer vacation with this car to Dalyan Turkey 🙂

Also I have publish it a Facebook group which is Türk Mucitler Klübü

Also you can increase the system cooling performances with Peltier water cooling module.

I believe  it will use full for someone 🙂 Because for me. It was !